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CMSA of Eastern OK April 2015 Meeting

Thursday:  April 9, 2015
Foundations Restaurant

3717 S. Sheridan Rd

Tulsa, OK  74145

5-7:30 pm


Pharmacist for Amerita since 2007 in Amarillo, TX

Graduated from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Pharmacy with Pharm D

Presented poster entitled Clinical Outcomes of Home Inotropic Therapy at NHIA (National Home Infusion Association) annual  conference in 2014



The Picture of Heart Failure Today

HF course objectives:

  • Review heart failure and it's impact on the healthcare system
  • Discuss current treatment options for CHF
  • Discuss the role of inotrope therapy in the treatment of CHF
  • Discuss goals of inotropic therapy and how this may differ from patient to patient
  • Discuss appropriate patient selection for home inotrope therapy
  • Provide guidelines and "tips" for coordination of home inotropic therapy and overcoming obstacles

I.     Course Objectives
II.   Heart Failure Statistics
III.  Description/Definition of Heart Failure
IV.   Causes of Heart Failure
V.     Classifications of Heart Failure
VI.    Symptoms of Heart Failure
VII.  Understanding Ejection Fraction
VIII. Heart Failure Treatment Options
IX.    Understanding LVAD’s
X.      Risks of Inotrope Infusions
XI.    Patient Selection for home Inotrope drips
XII.   Impact of Heart Failure on Hospitals
XIII.  Coordination of the Health Care Team in   Preparation for Patients Requiring Home Inotrope Infusions
XIV.     Resources
XV.        References


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