Case Management Society of America-- Eastern OK Tulsa, OK.

Save the date for December 12, 2019

Our November CMSA meeting will be on November 14th, 2019--see Next event for details below.

Save the Date for our DECEMBER 12 CMSA Benefit Luncheon at The Tulsa Country Club on 12/12/2019

Monthly Educational Meetings

See below for Eastern Ok Case Management Society of America's monthly educational calendar for June 2019-May 2010 to download.

Attend all the events related to healthcare education in Tulsa, Ok.  Great opportunities for networking and education.

Plan now to attend our Christmas Benefit Luncheon at The Tulsa Country Club on December 12, 2019.

Tulsa Country Club Fashions by Dillards at Woodland Hills 

Calendar for June 2019-May 2020

Calendar_8.5x11 june2019-may2020 (pdf)